3D vascular simulator imitating blood vessels
The 3D vascular simulator provided by IMsystem Co., Ltd. mimics the structural and functional performance of real blood vessels. It can be used for various experiments and studies such as guide wires, stents, and coils using the simulator, and provides a realistic experimental environment similar to actual blood vessels.
· All vascular anatomies are printed from patient-specific scans or designs (CT, MRI) or STLs. Accordingly, the 3D vascular simulator can be manufactured with the desired design and structure.
· By mimicking the human vessel properties, it provides a reliable surgical environment to real blood vessels.
Aneurysm coil embolization
Guidewire treatment
Stent treatment
Compatibility with X-ray imaging system
· The vascular simulator is compatible with X-ray equipment. Guide wires, stents, and coils used in vascular procedures can be demonstrated using the simulator.
X-ray image with coil
Lubricant coating
  • The 3D vascular simulator provides a feeling similar to real blood vessels with a luminal surface coating.
  • It has a coefficient of friction similar with the inside of an actual blood vessel. This results in true endovascular behavior just as you would feel in a real vessel.
Applications of 3D vascular simulator
· It can be used for demonstration and education in laboratories, medical device companies, and educational institutions for advanced training, testing and marketing.
Medical device company
Educational institution