MaxOne Single-Well Planar Microelectrode Arrays
Product Overview
MaxWell Biosystems’ MaxOne Single-Well Planar Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs) enable high-resolution imaging of the neuronal and cardiac cell electrical activities at sub-cellular and network levels. The MaxOne MEA Chip product line (MX1-x-CHP) is available in several well and electrode sizes suitable for various in-vitro preparations and applications.
26,400 electrodes (9.3×5.45 sq-μm, 17.5 μm pitch)
1024 low-noise readout channels
32 stimulation channels
Large sensor area (3.85×2.10 sq-mm)
Switch-matrix technology for flexible array reconfiguration
Non-invasive, label-free
High-resolution activity map
Axonal action potential propagation tracking
MaxLab Live and extensive data analysis toolboxes
Unprecedented access to single cells
With 26,400 platinum electrodes spaced closely to each other, each cell can be accessed by multiple electrodes at the same time. Activity from neurites and cell bodies can be isolated and studied. MaxOne’s high spatio-temporal resolution significantly facilitates spike sorting.
Record and stimulate every cell in the network
With a large sensor area and low-noise readout channels, MaxOne enables to characterize network dynamics at multiple spatial and temporal scales. MaxOne can stimulate single cells at high-fidelity.
MaxOne/MaxTwo Chip
MaxOne/Two Chip (Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Image)
Neurons and Electrodes