An advanced medical microrobot system using a magnetic guidewire-microrobot and a remote-control system of 3D magnetic fields for various interventional procedures
Faster, safer, more precise steering and navigation of guidewire-microrobot inside the complex vascular network leads to faster delivery of other interventional tools (e.g., stents)
Less time-consuming treatment, higher operation success rate, no radiation exposure for medical team, no heavy radiation shielding garments required and minimal infection risk
Details of the Overall System
Remote control
Electromagnetic coils
혈관 속 자성 가이드와이어 마이크로로봇. 아임시스템 제공
Active Steering of the Guidewire Microrobot under a 3D Magnetic Field
Microrobot steering
In a 2D vascular model
In a 3D vascular model
In the coronary arteries of swine
Applications (Various Interventional Procedures & Targeted Therapy)
Vascular diseases
Degenerative arthritis
Clinical advantages of our microrobot system in
cardiovascular interventions
Procedure Time
Current: 30-280min ,
With our microrobot system : Avg. 30min
Success rate
Current: 60-80% ,
With our microrobot system : over 80%
Radiation exposure (Doctors)
⁠Current : High
⁠With Microrobot System : Extremely Low
Radiation Shielding Garment
Current : 14 – 20kg ⁠With Microrobot System : None

Infection Risk
⁠Current : Possible
⁠With  Microrobot  System :Extremely Low