Founded in September 2016 as an ETH Zurich spin-off, MaxWell Biosystems is a technology leader providing instrumentation and solutions to boost scientific research and development in neurosciences, stem cell and tissue engineering, ophthalmology, and other fields involving electrogenic cells.

MaxOne (single-well) and MaxTwo (multi-well) are easy-to-use systems that equip scientists with the ability to record electrical signals of neurons in in-vitro 2D and 3D models at network, cellular, and subcellular levels.

MaxWell Biosystems’ main goal is to be a trusted partner to all users and collaborators, for a greater cause, of advancing scientific breakthroughs and for achieving faster and more effective drug discovery, through our products, solutions, and expertise
MaxOne and MaxTwo,
the most powerful electrophysiology platforms for recording and stimulating electrogenic cells in-vitro

MaxOne is a CMOS-based high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) system. This enables compact yet powerful amplifiers, filters, and digitizers to be integrated within the MEA well - close to the cells under study.

With the MaxOne and MaxTwo, each cell on each MEA well can be accessed by multiple electrodes for recording and stimulation. MaxOne enables long term monitoring of the activity of single cells, its axons, and the dynamics of the entire network that it forms with other cells.
High resolution analysis with 26,400 microelectrodes
Cell/network mapping without chemical treatment
Record and analyze electrogenic cell types including neurons, cardiac as well as skeletal muscle cells, from 2D culture, organoid, and tissue models
Analyze from sub-cellular level to whole network
32 electric stimulation units
Analyze cell reaction to chemical compounds and drugs
MaxOne : Single well
MaxTwo : Minimum 6 well, Maximum 24 well
High Spatio-Temporal Resolution + High Quality Signals
MEA in MaxOne/MaxTwo
Electrodes in the MaxOne/MaxTwo
Extracellular AP Map
Optical image
Electrical image, spike rate
Multi-Well Whole Sample Electrical Imaging
Amplitude map
Delay map
Network Connectivity Characterization
MaxLab Live Software

Visualize your data in real-time – at the level you need

Perform label-free assays
Just a few clicks to organize your experiments and acquire data
Quickly access cell viability and condition
Explore firing dynamics and characteristics at various levels
Browse different visualization modes to get the complete picture from long-term dynamics of the whole-sample network to the individual action potential waveform of single cell

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